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About us

We are fast growing, rapidly developing company with focus on welding and piping work in many industries. We operate in the Slovakia but also on foreign markets such us Scandinavia. We also offer a full comprehensive services from project initiation trough implementations to project handover. Like any serious company. we are holders of ISO 9001.

Technology and materials

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  • Welding 111/6,8
  • Welding 135
  • Welding 141/6,8
  • Griding
  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Oxygen cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Painting, Sandblasting, Powder coating


  • Steel
  • Noble Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Various alloys


comply and consult with client key requirements

high customer satisfaction

continuously long term cooperation

  • Welding and Piping work
  • Manufacture and montage of  pipe lines
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels
  • Manufacture and montage of steel constructions
  • Montage technological components
  • Complete servises for start to end of project

  • Project Managment
  • Supervision
  • IWT services (international welding technologists)
  • As built documentations
  • Documents, punch lists, weld maps, red mark up
  • Montage of firesealing protections and metal cladding


  • NRS Nykopping AB- Oxelosund Steelmill, Boiler shutdown a pipeline replacement (Sweden)
  • Volvo AB – Manufacturing and montage of stainless fuel tanks for individual clients (Sweden)
  • AGS Norrkoping AB – New boiler room and pipelines for hospital in Linkkoping (Sweden)
  • Nordic power service OY-Papermill shutdown Boiler repairing and pipeline replacement (Finland)
  • Foster wheeler AB- Papermill Shutdown works Oulu (Finland) Pitea (Sweden)
  • Oschatz Gmbh- Steelmill Shutdown works Scunttorph Tata steel (England)

  • Caverion Germany Gmbh- Replacement boiler room and pipelines for hospital in Ludwigshaffen  (Germany)
  • Engie Germany Gmbh- Replacement boiler room and pipelines in Stuttgart on Central station (Germany)
  • Northvolt AB-Manufacturing and montage of pipe lines for various mediums,Manufactiring and montage of constructions, Ductpiping installations,Full servise from start to finish,Project leading and managing (Sweden).
  • Firesafe AB-Montage firesealing protections , metal cladding of holes and penetrations, (Sweden)
  • DURR Gmbh- Pumps instalations, Manufacturing and montage of pipe lines(Sweden)
  • Mexor AB- Manufacturing Duct counter parts for Duct pipelines for Air Filtration (Sweden)


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Samuel Lemeš




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